“David is always charming and cheerful early in the morning! Even at 6am I look forward to seeing him. And I have gotten results! ”
Laura Weil, CEO, Urban Brands

“David is very devoted to his clients and takes his training very seriously. He will help you reach all your fitness goals.”
– Mitch Kornblit, Investment Banker

“I’ve trained with David for the last 6 years. The improvement in my strength, endurance and appearance has been greater than I could have imagined. He is simply the best. ”
Robert G Cohen, Partner, Orrick

David Scott Cohen is an exceptional personal trainer.  I have noticed tremendous improvement in my body since I began training with him.  David is great about changing up the workouts, keeping them interesting and constantly challenging.  I highly recommend David if you want to get noticeable results.
Ana Becil Giglio: Periodontist

A day without David is a day without sunshine. We thank him for getting our day started and for keeping us fit. He makes it most enjoyable. The time just flies.
Mel Lewinter:  Former COO Atlantic Records, Chairman of Universal Motown Republic Group, Currently Executive Vice President of Sony Music Entertainment

On December 17, 2014. I had a bad fall and fractured my C-7 vertebrae and damaged ligaments in the neck area. Being 82 years old my doctors were amazed that the damage was not much, much worse, and in substantial part, they attributed that to the great shape that I was in and that is because I have been training with David Scott Cohen for all these many years. I don’t even want to think about what could have been the consequences had I not been working with him. David Cohen’s knowledge of the human body, his attention to detail and adapting the training regimen to the needs of his clients puts him into the elite class of New York’s personal trainers. It’s difficult to imagine life without him.
J. Ronald Trost: Attorney

As a college President and senior citizen, I realize you should always be concerned about your health. The only way to do that is to exercise. However, to do it without an expert trainer serves no purpose and can cause more harm than its cost. For over 15 years David Scott Cohen has been my personal trainer. He is unique in that each individual he trains is trained according to specific needs (not like others who use a cookie-cutter mentality) I can honestly say that without David’s help and persistence I would not be as healthy as I am today. Thank you David.
Mel Weiner: Owner, Mandl School of Allied Health

I have been training with David for almost 15 years. He has proven to be a most professional well informed trainer. He has kept me flexible over the years and has done wonders for my health.
Carl Petrillo, CEO, Yonkers Contracting Company

David is a really competent trainer (I’ve had several over the years) and all-around great human being.  Always upbeat, energetic, pleasant, and humorous, he’s a knowledgeable and committed professional.  His clients are fortunate to be partnering with someone with such a varied combination of skills and qualities.
Stephen Bauman, Senior Minister, Christ Church NYC

I recently had the pleasure of becoming a client of David, having moved to New York City on a permanent basis. Over the years I have trained with other people, but I can say I have not found anyone as competent as David. He has a knack for making clients feel comfortable, and a new regiment is included in each workout which keeps everyone on their toes. At the present time I am learning how to box and how to balance. David is unique in that he trains each individual according to their specific needs and not a “one size fits all” plan.
Morton Marvin,  Attorney

I gained 56 lbs when I was pregnant. I never thought I could loose the weight but David never doubted that I could achieve my goal and get back to my ‘fighting weight’. I am very pleased with the way I look today. David is very funny and that makes for an enjoyable workout.
Eileen Grossman: Sr VP, Holstead Property

I have been training with David for 25 years! David manages to make a workout challenging and yet fun by implementing new and varied techniques. He will transform you in no time!”
Alexandra Hartenbaum

I began training with David in the gym in March 2012 after being in bed for three months following pelvic and sacrum fractures.  I was using a cane to walk.  My body was badly out of shape and I needed help.David started me with a fairly easy routine and now five months later, I am considerably stronger and keep progressing using heavier weights and doing more strenuous exercises. To make sessions interesting, David varies the routines from week to week.I am grateful for David’s encouragement, guidance and expertise.  Working with David is a pleasure – he is always patient and upbeat.
Irene M Feuerstein
 Age 80

 When I retired from the corporate world, I also retired from the five times a week gym attendance!!!  Fourteen years later my body, energy level, lack of motivation has resulted in an out of shape, unhealthy senior citizen.  With David’s expertise, good humor, patience and charm I’m getting back on track and look forward with renewed vigor to our sessions.  He is truly an expert.
Betty C. Listello – Age 79

The 50 minute sessions are extremely enjoyable. I am reaping the benefits of this most knowledgable fitness trainer.
John F. Niblack, Ph.D,  Vice Chairman Pfizer Inc. (Ret)

Past clients

Sara Al-Saud: Princess of Saudi Arabia

Michael DeSantes: Interior designer

Keven McNamara: Interior designer

Morris Goldfarb: CEO, G3 Apparel

Judith Ripka: Jewelry designer

Joel Schechter: CEO, Honora pearls

Dr. Alan Rubinstein, Neurologist

                      Charles S. Cohen, Cohen Brothers, Cohen Media Group

Chris Giglo, Princeton University basball pitcher