Art by David

David Scott Cohen has created all of the pictures displayed in this gallery with a single medium and a single brand – Prismacolor pencils. As a young child David was fascinated with the dreamlike quality of the works of artists Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews. By emulating them he eventually arrived at his own approach to the surreal world and developed his own personal and unique style. He has paid homage to his childhood hero’s by occasionally incorporating an image from his favorite pieces by Dean and Matthews. David also hides hidden names and messages in all his work that represents a moment in time for him.

In 1991 he began doing portraiture and in 2001 he initiated a four part series representing different stages in the life of his son, Hunter, which can be viewed in this gallery.
His technique with colored pencils although painstaking and slow has a technical virtuosity, which achieves an interesting painterly effect.